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    1. Your employment with Mustang Global Employment Inc is considered temporary as an elect to work employee, your assignment may be terminated at any time without advance notice or pay in-lieu-of notice. In the event that your employment is terminated, you will be paid in accordance with the Employment Standards Act.
    2. Any calculation of Public Holiday Pay will be made in accordance with the policies of Mustang Global Employment Inc.
    3. Our consultants will assist you to convert your temporary job to a permanent one.
    Time recording:    
    1. It is your responsibility to ensure that you are familiar with the methods of time recording for your assignment and that your time sheet is accurately filled out with signature by supervisor at the end of each week. Your time sheet should match with the record of Mustang Global Employment Inc.
    2. All employees' time sheets must be brought to Mustang Global Employment Inc office every Monday.
    Pay Information:    
    1. Your salary will be paid on by weekly basis through direct deposit system to your bank account.
    2. Your year end T4 / T4 (a) will be mailed by February 28th of each year.
    1. We adopt a zero tolerance policy for fighting, horseplay, insubordination, theft, harassment and controlled substances.
    1. In case of workplace injuries, immediate report should be given to Supervisor on site and Mustang Global Employment Inc office.
    Health and Safety:    
    1. It is our policy to provide a healthy and safe work environment. The management of Mustang Global Employment Inc is committed to make every effort to prevent personal injury and workplace illness.
    2. We comply with all applicable safety laws and regulations.
    3. The Supervisors of respective workplace are accountable for the safety of the person under their supervision and ensure that all staff is properly trained in safe work practices and are made aware of any potential safety hazards.
    4. As an employee you are required to follow safe work practices and procedures at the work site.
    5. You must immediately contact Mustang Global Employment Inc management immediately if you encounter any unsafe act or condition.
    6. The policy of Mustang Global Employment Inc establishes that safety boots and goggles must be worn on all industrial assignments.
    I agree to comply with company's policies/procedures, including dress code and personal protective equipment such as safety boots, eye goggles. I acknowledge & agree that my vocational pay is included in my gross pay rate and allow to be paid on every pay cheque.
    If need be I agree to work more than 8 hours per day (to maximum 13 hours per day) or more than 48 hours per week (maximum of 60 hours per week). I agree and acknowledge that I have received the latest fact sheet "access hours of work" as published by the Ministry of Labour.
    I hereby certify that all the information provided by me is correct and I understand that any false statement/misrepresentation will be sufficient cause for dismissal from employment and maybe cause for legal action by the concerned authorities. I agree to abide by the terms and conditions, safety rules, social assistance, unemployment insurance, labour laws and provisions.
    By submitting the online application, it is considered that above terms have been understood and agreed.
      I confirm that the information I have provided above is correct to the best of my knowledge. *